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625TRBHV High Voltage Terminator
• Designed for present and future two-way broadband RF
  networks using 60 volt, 90 volt, or greater power supplies
• Exceptional return loss performance throughout the RF
  spectrum from 5 MHz to 1 GHz
• Corrosion resistant tin-plated brass body construction
• Reliable soldered connections for the prevention of
  intermodulation conditions

상품 상세설명

pro_title_box01.jpg Ordering Info pro_title_box03.jpg
Part no. Termination Description Inner pack Outer pack
625TRBHV 75ohm

AC Blocking Feature

20 240
pro_title_box01.jpg Physical Properties pro_title_box03.jpg
Body Components Brass
Body Finish Bright Tin Plate
Terminal/contact Brass CDA 360 with Silver/Copper plate
Insulators Ultem
pro_title_box01.jpg Electrical Properties pro_title_box03.jpg
Voltage Spike Exceeds requirements for IEEE C62-41 6 kV pulse test.
Return Loss -25 dB between 5 – 1000 MHz Typical
RFI Shielding -103 dB between 5 – 500 MHz Typical
pro_title_box01.jpg Environmental Properties pro_title_box03.jpg
Temperature Rating -20ºF (-28ºC) to 140ºF (60ºC)
Salt Spray Exposure Exceeds requirements of Bellcore GR-2846-CORE
Water Submersion Complies to Bellcore GR-2846-CORE
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